Download and installation of a small piece of software and that's it, all ready to go.

The software allows us access to your system remotely and can be password protected if required (to prevent unauthorised access by me or anyone else).

Once the software is installed (and you have provided us with your authorised password), we are then able to operate your system just as if we were sitting in front of it.

You are able to watch everything that is being done on your PC or laptop and to terminate the session at any time if you think there is an indiscretion on our part.

Your password can be changed after each session, preventing further access without your consent.

Think of this as an MOT for your PC or laptop. You pay a fixed price to get your vehicle MOT'd, however, if any problems or faults are found with your vehicle during the MOT test, you then have to pay to have the faults corrected.

This is exactly how your maintenance schedules operates too. The following are examples of problems which would incur an additional cost.

1 Manual removal of viruses or spyware which your existing    software was unable to properly deal with.

2 Manual deletion or transfer of data to free up disk space    (i.e., to allow proper drive defragmentation to take place).

In essence, anything that is not automatically taken care of by the maintenance procedures will incur an additional charge.

SINGLE SYSTEM is £15.00 per month

Payable three monthly in advance..

Ensures that your operating system is up-to-date, your system is optimised, has basic protection in place and is virus and spyware free.

The costs for covering points 1 to 4 would be £15.00 per month payable three-monthly in advance - this works out at less than £4.00 per week.

(you would probably spend more per week for having your windows cleaned)

Telephone assistance would be free, providing YOU make the telephone call.

Any additional work other than problems dealt with during monthly maintenance  i.e.;

calls for virus removal, software installation (other than basic anti-virus software),

system re-installation, etcetera, would incur an additional charge.

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A working broadband is necessary to use Remote Maintenance.

Registry Cleaner & Repair

Windows registry errors such as ActiveX, Java, DLL and other common problem - and fixes them fast. Problems in the registry cause your PC to become unstable and to perform erratically.

Clutter Cleaner

Junk files, temporary files and other useless information take up valuable space on your PC. We do your computers spring cleaning for you - any time of the year.

Disk Defragmenter

Over time your computer's memory becomes fragmented and it takes longer for files to be saved and opened. Defragmenting saves disk space and improves load times.