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1.   Do you have a problem with you computer?

       If so call us or e-mail us at      

      Tel: 01389 602 596

       Mob: 07756 481 761

2.    With your permission we will securely connect    

       to your system and where possible resolve the problem

Common Problems

Registry slow running system – usually caused by a build up of temporary files, registry problems and out-of-date software.  Our technicians will ensure that your operating system is properly updated, that temporary and unused files are removed and that your system is fully optimised.

Another cause of slow and erratic system operation and can lead to loss and/or damage to your data.  Again this will be taken care of by our technicians, thus helping to keep your data secure and allowing your system to get back up to speed.

Generally caused by a loose usb cable, bad wireless connection or corrupt software.  We will talk you through checking the cables and/or network connections and assist in the re-installation of printer drivers and software as needed.

loose or damaged cables are likeliest cause – check cables and connectors for wear and tear and make sure they are securely located in their sockets at the router and PC(s). Also check that network discovery is switched on (Windows 7 and 8) and that file/printer sharing has been enabled.

Clutter Cleaner

Junk files, temporary files and other useless information take up valuable space on your PC. We do your computers spring cleaning for you - any time of the year.

Random errors and crashes are a frustrating part of any computing experience, but thanks to our IT Expert’s own requirements for a stable, fast computing platform, they’ll know how to fix yours in no time!

From send and receive errors and signature issues to email recovery and configuration, we can do it all - no matter who your email provider is or how broken you computer might be.

Computers truly show their value when you let them talk to each other- sharing files between colleagues, streaming music to your PS3, videos to your iPhone, we can help you do it all, from anywhere in the world!

No matter what the problem, we are here to help.  From PC housekeeping to data retrieval, we will do our utmost to ensure that your system runs properly and efficiently and that your files are kept free from viruses and spyware as much as is humanly possible.