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Remote Assistance provides a way for you to get the help you need when you run      

into problems with your computer.

Most people, businesses and domestic users alike, have problems with their       

computers and laptops for the following reasons:-

1) - Failure to carry out software and operating system updates - this leaves their       system vulnerable to certain viruses and spyware attacks.

2) - Failure to regularly scan their systems for viruses and spyware - this has the same       result as point no. 1.

3) - Failure to carry out housekeeping chores on their systems - this leads to slow and       erratic system operation.

4) - Failure to install protective anti-virus/spyware software in the first place -       eventually this will end in catastrophe for the user.

      With advances in technology and internet speeds, it is now possible for these       tasks to be carried out on a regular basis by using something called REMOTE       ACCESS. This permits us to access your PC at a time suitable to you and carry out       all the necessary tasks to cover points 1 through 4 making sure that your system       is more likely to run at optimal performance and be trouble free.

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SINGLE SYSTEM is £15.00 per month

Payable three months in advance..

Ensures that your operating system is up-to-date, your system is optimised, has basic protection in place and is virus and spyware free.

The costs for covering points 1 to 4 would be £15.00 per month payable three months in advance - this works out at less than £4.00 per week.

(you would probably spend more per week for having your windows cleaned)

Telephone assistance would be free, providing YOU make the telephone call.

Any additional work other than problems dealt with during monthly maintenance  i.e.;

calls for virus removal, software installation (other than basic anti-virus software),

system re-installation, etcetera, would incur an additional charge.